Use Cases

By now you've realised the appeal of the KIQ Cloud platform and are intrigued to know how your teams can use it to enhance processes and simplify everyday tasks, for improved efficiency and customer experience. 

Watch our use case videos to see how your team can adopt a better, faster, simpler way to deliver results.

Use cases within customer service

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What does your team do when a customer asks a question they don’t know the answer to?

With Knosys’ handy QikAnswers your people can search specific responses to commonly asked questions coming into your team.

Knosys also presents links to the team, referring them to relevant articles, notes and documentation for a ‘deeper dive’ approach. Delight your customers with speedy answers and faster resolution times.

You want your support and success teams to address even complex customer queries, should they arise, in the best possible way.

Knosys provides guidance through its process flows and process wizard. Imagine visualising a complex procedure or checklist, graphically, and being able to mouse over a step and be presented with detailed instructions and guidance - in an instant.

Create simple process wizards that walk the team member and customer through a structured resolution process and get the outcome you want. Great for onboarding new team members or for a quick refresh of existing employees.

Knosys gives you control over information dissemination by using ‘push’ technology. Now you’ll know when a team has looked at the update and be able to remind them if needed.

Knosys even allows you to attach quizzes to updates, letting your team have fun testing their knowledge and finding out who the superstars are.

Use cases within sales and marketing teams

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Most companies don’t sell a single product or service, but many. They sell them at different prices, with different discounts, using many different marketing materials.

That’s why companies that organize their sales knowledge in Knosys get better results. Given the dynamic nature of this material over time, Knosys provides editorial workflows allowing specific users to review and approve individual items.

This also helps marketers use branded templates, enforce logo usage and generate consistent collateral across all your sales teams, which is up-to-date and available at all times instantly. It even supports information developed in multiple languages - especially useful for companies with global operations, where a new product campaign might be available in English, Chinese or German.


Omnichannel customer engagement

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Did you know 50% of your customers first choice is to browse your website on their own rather than having to engage with your support team? By integrating Knosys with your website you make it easy for customers to skim through information available or use QIKAnswers to resolve questions in your self-service portal.

Like many companies, I’m sure you have multiple digital platforms to improve customer self-service from your chatbot, your kiosks and of course your website. The key to delivering excellent customer experience is to ensure that engagement through any of these channels is consistent and accurate.

You must insure the information or guidance a customer gets via the chatbot is the same they access if they hit your website. You don’t want multiple versions of the same content in multiple repositories that everyone needs to keep synchronised.

What you need is Knosys to act as the ‘single source of truth’. Centralise the material and have these digital channels consume knowledge from one location. How great is it to update a paragraph in a product brochure and have that ripple instantly through all your channels? Knosys also allows you to implement information security models, where depending on the channel, you can manage what type and which parts of the information is available - selectively.

Do you know who the best people are to review your content and information? Your customers are the best people to review your content and information. With multiple digital channels, feedback collected generally relates to that particular platform’s version of the information. Who has time or awareness to say ‘hey chatbot team, can you update this in your system. By centralising and having Knosys as the authority of your company’s knowledge, you can collate all feedback and implement improvements in the one spot, avoiding issues with multiple teams and departmental boundaries.

You can use the reporting features to understand what content is most valuable and most used within your teams and focus your efforts on improving these areas.

Use cases for governance and compliance

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Many companies email out long policy documents to multiple teams in an attempt to maintain standards and consistency. Unfortunately, they can’t find them when they need them, or they may refer to an outdated copy, saved locally. Knosys solves this by providing a dynamic online solution to deliver policy guidance when it is needed.

Consider the situation of a team member not knowing whether they can legitimately sign up a person to your latest PDS. With Knosys, PDS guidelines are delivered right to the team member allowing them to quickly review or step through a carefully-curated process flow to ensure the customer qualifies. Your teams are confident they are using the right material and following your company’s guidelines - it’s a win-win for all.

Did you know adding knowledge management into your workflows can improve their usage and reduce errors? Team members can call upon contextual help to see why they need to complete a process step (this alone improves compliance because the rationale for the work is transparent).  Minimise calls made to other departments for assistance or the need to go through complicated and frequently changing training material. With Knosys you can build and configure your own process flows, but more importantly, get feedback on how the workflows assist them and suggest improvements to benefit all team members using the material.

By standardising workflows you can encourage process guidance across multiple teams and ensure faster access to up-to-date knowledge.


Frontline teams & distributed operations

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We all know how hard it is for companies operating frontline offices across the country or franchises managing hundreds of franchisees as part of their network. If this is you, you know communicating well with these teams is the first step to creating high-performance outcomes.

With Knosys, you get great out-of-the-box tools such as news flow widgets, that tell your team about successes or messages from the CEO. At an operational level, you can send notifications to teams or individuals on problems they need to be aware of – such as an outage of services, or a new procedure to follow for submitting invoices. Better still, the solution allows the team to provide feedback directly within Knosys: no more lost emails or difficulty in collating feedback from these distributed workers.

Getting the balance between unfettered contributions by teams on blogs or wikis is always a challenge. With Knosys you can create forums for teams and individuals to contribute to and participate in. These can be moderated or un-moderated but the choice is left to the managers.

A local banking branch manager may create a forum on the latest guidelines to lending and ask his team to contribute thoughts on how best to articulate changes to their customers. If a moderated version is selected, contributions can be filtered to ensure the advice meets certain internal standards, before it is published.

When you empower your distributed teams to help create articles and information assets, you increase their engagement and ensure the material is well received. But how do you ensure that it meets the requirements of your brand? Does it require input from other teams before publishing?

Say your marketing team has developed a new PDS but before it can be published to all your branches it needs review by legal and your GM of Retail branches. With Knosys you can create simple or complex publishing work flows, which can include input from any person in any location.

Use cases for HR and success teams

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The first day at work is always daunting for a new hire. How do you set them up for success from day one? Use Knosys to create an employee onboarding checklist and build knowledge articles about employee policies and helpful tips: like where are the great places to eat nearby and where is the best coffee for those early morning starts. Make them feel welcome from the start.

Provide visual guides on how to apply for leave, submit expenses, or book holidays. Knosys allows the employee to see the steps in the process and quickly access links to forms or 3rd party systems to complete exercises without needing to ask other people.

Regular company and team updates keep your employees motivated, well informed and focused on your company’s goals. Link to specific articles or video clips on topics of interest or relevance to the induvial or team. Be it the CEO’s recent interview, or instructions on how to use a new system being rolled out. Knosys can also notify teams when new material is available. No more lost emails!

Ensure all staff feel included and empowered from the moment they start – It’s easy, with Knosys.

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