Sales Enablement

Empower internal sales teams through dynamic process guidance tools that model the steps of a sales process from beginning to end.

The injection of data into each step of the process allows sales reps to have real time access to customer, product and competitive information during their sales call. Data Capture at each step of the process will determine next steps, providing a fluid, real time experience to the user. Knosys can be personalised to the specific user and scenario, surfacing the most appropriate sales process for the situation.  

Increase Sales Conversions
Giving sales teams the right process to follow, along with the latest product and services knowledge, boosts productivity and enables sales reps to close more sales. 

Enhance Cross Sell
With visibility across products and services and the process guidance to sell them, sales staff can cross sell without the need for extensive training. 

Targeted Sales & Marketing Campaigns
Create new marketing and sales campaigns by specifying a set of steps and questions that are easily followed by sales reps without the need for extensive training. Product or services information can be linked into each step and are automatically updated as the source data changes. 

Realtime Competitor Information
Understanding the competition can give sales teams the edge they need to convert the customer. Using external links, information from the competitor’s website can be linked to a personal view or dashboard of each sales rep

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