Enterprise Content Management

Extensive content management capabilities enable business users to create, link and contextualise information and apply role based access rights.

Rich media content, including audio, images and video can be imported and managed through a simple web based console.

Content relevance is measured and links between content created to ensure users get the right information fast. Alerts can be sent to specific users, groups of users or organisation-wide for critical or urgent content updates or information dissemination.

Process Guidance and Workflow

Simple to use process guidance wizards enable business users to create process hierarchies and inject knowledge sourced from within Knosys into any step.

Any step within a process wizard can also capture data, which can be saved and reported on and determines the path of the next step.

Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) files can also be imported to create beautiful process guidance visualisations

Enterprise Data Virtualisation

Enterprise data virtualisation through links to information from any web enabled source, including CMS, DMS, ERP and CRM.

Created and linked information assets are contextualised and tagged by keywords and are categorised through a fully flexible menu structure.

Customisable dashboards provide a window into specific information and may be configured to user needs. Widgets contained in the dashboard can include information directly from the Knosys content management system as well as from any web-enabled outside source

User Self Service

Easy access to self-service across channels and mobile devices has become the expectation of most customers.

Knosys links knowledge to a virtual agent to communicate with users via a web portal or digital kiosk.

Using Knosys, customers will get answers fast, giving them a positive online experience

Deployment options

Flexible solutions to suit all business operations

Knosys On Premises Solution

Installed on client infrastructure
Complete or partial installed application - Deployed on clients network and infrastructure - Integrated into client network - External application API access.

Knosys Cloud Hosted Solution

Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS)
A fast, reliable, and secure cloud solution - Scalable - Updates Automatically - Support & Maintenance Contracts - Simplified Operating Cost.

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