Legal Research & Policy Optimisation

Leveraging the Knosys knowledge management system provides policy and legal research teams a ‘single point of truth’, centralising the research process and significantly reducing time spent searching for information

Knosys connects to relevant underlying information systems and presents information through an intuitive web interface. The web interface can be accessed from any web enabled device, providing true mobility to legal professionals.

Reduce Search Time
Knosys gives research and knowledge management teams the ability to more easily collate and curate information. The enhanced application of context to information, makes it significantly easier to find and reduces overall search time. 

Get the Right Answers, Faster
Knosys can apply a high degree of “meaning”, context or relevance to content, resulting in faster access to accurate and relevant information. 

Many older on-premises systems don’t provide intuitive access to their content via the web, forcing mobile staff to rely on email communication with a central research or knowledge management team. Knosys solves this problem by linking content from these systems and providing a secure view to user through its web interface on mobile tablet devices. 

Unify all Information Sources
Knowledge management and internal research teams generally need to learn and manage multiple systems. Some are internal systems, some are provided by 3rd party web services and some are in the cloud.  Knosys enables a knowledge management or research team to work through one central view, increasing their productivity. 

Everyone's an expert with Knosys

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