Knowledge Management and Retention

Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) are often stretched beyond their limits servicing multiple lines of business.

Even greater productivity impacts are experienced when the SME leaves the organisation, taking the knowledge with them. 
A core attribute of successful knowledge management is to capture and reuse relevant information contained in various data silos across the organisation. 

Knosys facilitates successful knowledge management outcomes with a modern approach of linking existing knowledge assets, understanding their contextual relevance, and giving users a fast, easy way to find what they need. 

Retain Critical Knowledge
Introducing process to encourage and simplify the retention of critical knowledge and lessons learned will have a significant impact on the future bottom line. 

Enhanced Decision Making
Specialised knowledge and process information that is easily accessed will enhance an organisation’s decision making ability and provide better business outcomes. 

Surface Relevant Information
Relying on Subject Matter Experts to assist with specialised knowledge is a risk to any organisation. SME’s have limited bandwidth and when they leave the organisation, their knowledge goes with them. By retaining critical knowledge or process information, Knosys can share the right knowledge to anywhere in the organisation. 

Everyone's an expert with Knosys

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