Human Resources Engagement

Automating routine HR employee queries empowers HR to focus on strategic activities, increasing their productivity.

Many organisations use static intranets to house HR policy and process but these systems can contain outdated information and are difficult to use, compelling employees to seek a more direct approach with HR teams even for simple requests.

Knosys allows HR teams to build out easy to follow process guidance with the latest policy information injected so that employees can self-service their requests with ease

HR Policy and Process Automation
Providing easy to navigate step-by-step process guidance and data capture, employees can self-navigate through even the most complex HR Policies. This reduces menial tasks for the HR team making them more productive.

Alerts for Updates
Reduce email clutter and send notifications only to those who need them. Knosys can provide alerting to teams of users when policies change, ensuring users always have the most up to date information.

Compliance and Audit
In addition to providing alerts to users, Knosys records when each alert is opened and read. Stop chasing users and make sure that staff are reading updates about vital changes to organisational policy.

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