Enhanced Customer Experience

The challenge is to provide consistency across all channels both traditional and digital.

Customer engagement today is increasingly multi-faceted with multiple channels providing fast, easy communication to anyone, anywhere. Knosys makes this easy by surfacing a personalised view of knowledge from across the enterprise to customer service reps, virtual agents and connected web enabled digital channels.

Support for Omni-Channel Communication
Connect Knosys with existing digital channels for a consistent customer experience.  Digital channels can include existing web portals or even social channels such as Twitter or Facebook

Reduce Training by up to 50%
The Knosys process guidance will give users a visual step-by-step guide to working with even the most complex enterprise systems or processes. 

Resolve Customer Queries Faster
Connect customer service teams to a unified interface that captures business processes and knowledge required to provide fast answers to customers. 

Reduce Call Transfers
Customer services teams with easy access to the right knowledge can handle more types of calls and resolve them without the need to transfer. 

Everyone's an expert with Knosys

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