Who is Knosys?

Knosys delivers technology innovation for modern Knowledge Management.

Identifying trends and business challenges through feedback from customers and partners and using a customer first approach, Knosys brings to market a solution that has long term impact in solving real business problems.

The Knosys Knowledge Management platform links information assets from across the enterprise and makes them available to users that need them. The solution facilitates faster, more accurate decision making resulting in better business outcomes.


Our #team

Here at Knosys we are a small, close knit team based out of our corporate offices in Melboure, Australia. The Knosys Team is made up of dedicated individuals with a variety of expertise in knowledge management, enterprise account management, company management and technology.

Executive Team
  • John Thompson
  • Stephen Kerr
  • Nic Passmore
Sales & Marketing Team
  • Gavin Kinnaird
  • John Charles
  • Ashley Summers
Technology Team
  • Chris Follett
  • Jonathan Payling
  • Daniel Ploskonka
  • Steve Bell
  • Adrian Toman
  • Chris Dunn
  • Clyde Pereira
  • Ping Wang

Knowledge Matters

Everyone's an expert with Knosys

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